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Welcome to the official website of Might and Magic Clash of Heroes - a brand new DS game with a great setting : The world of Might and Magic and a very innovative and fun battle system that will allow you to build complex and powerful strategies to beat your enemies. Only the courage of heroes can stand against the chaos. And scattered across five different regions of Ashan are 5 very special children who must travel their own dangerous paths to grow in strength, unravel a demonic plot, and ultimately save the world from Chaos



  • Might and Magic Polish community site Q&A

    Friday, October 8 2010
    Might and Magic Polish community site Q&A

    This Q&A was taken from a Polish community site enjoy!

  • If there is one thing that really shake our community, it is resources cut. We are from 7 down to 4 and there are serious concerns about degrading the complexity of town build-up plan and quickening the whole process. Why you decided to do that?
  • There are three main reasons that convinced us to change the way Heroes handles resources:

    • It brings more strategy to the game. This might not seem obvious at first glance, but in old Heroes games each faction had a specific resource to take care of and actually did not care much about the other players' mines. Now that every faction is looking for the same resource, possessing mines will be much more strategic as you'll be preventing opponents from taking a crucial resource.
    • Games with a lot of resources are more management games than strategy games. If you look at Starcraft 2 they have 2 resources. Games such as Settlers VII (7 resources) or Civilization V (32 resources!!) have many as they focus more on management.
    • It's much easier for map makers! You don't need to put in different resources (or all of them) according to which factions other players might choose.

    This new resource from mines is Dragon Blood Crystal. There is a good explanation for the existence of those mines: During the Elder Wars, wounded Dragon gods spilled their blood on Ashan. Where the blood fell it would crystallize in the form of power nexus called a "Dragon vein." The inhabitants of Ashan learned how to extract the crystals from those veins, thus creating the mines.

  • From the content you have released about the factions specifications, we have figured out that you did some restructuring in magic aspects as well, but we are not sure in exactly what direction and to what extension. We are aware that you cannot tell too much about it but could you just tell us is the certain arcana of magic closely involved to the each faction and is the only one available or is it possible to create Haven hero with brilliance in destructive and black magic?
  • What we can tell you so far is that there'll be 7 magic schools: The 6 elementary schools (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Light, Darkness) plus the seventh one, Primordial. You'll hear more about the details later.

  • We have heard that there will be expansions to the Might & Magic:
  • Heroes VI. We are curious weather it will have standard DVD form or will it be released as a DLC? Or maybe both? This is actually very important question because bigger DLC's have annoying tendencies of not working with localizations different that original, for instance: Polish.

    First we have to get the game out! This is something that we'll let you know about it later on.

  • We have seen the Gamescom materials and we understand that you put great effort into detailed, complex and entertaining animations with big visual effects which will give us the feeling of how epic the game is. But will all this effects force us to buy new top shelf hardware to enjoy your newest game or do older PCs still have a chance to withstand the requirements of Might & Magic: Heroes VI?
  • Don't worry, like all Heroes games you'll be able to play with a current PC. The demo was (of course) in the best possible resolution so it would look impressive. Also, you'll have all the standard options to adapt the graphics quality to your computer's performance.

  • We know that the development of the game was consulted with Heroes fans from almost ground up and we are wondering are you going to extend this experience in open/closed beta tests in close/far future?
  • We're very happy with how things have been going, but we're not yet in a position to decide what we'll do over the next few months/years.

  • With so much controversy we have to ask that question- is Might &
  • Magic: Heroes VI going to be protected with DRM system?

    This question is for the Ubisoft management team, not the game developers! Right now we don't know what the final decision will be, so we're keeping our options open.

  • And for the end- are you planning to release a Collectors Edition of Might & Magic: Heroes VI?
  • We'll tell you about that later...

  • Try Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms today for FREE!

    Wednesday, September 29 2010
    Try Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms today for FREE!

    The first land is full and the second land is almost full! Try Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms for free today and start to write your own legend!Click here to start playing!
  • Have you signed up yet?

    Wednesday, September 8 2010
    Have you signed up yet?

    Might and Magic Heroes Kingdoms, has now launched in the UK!The first servers are filling up fast! Alliances are being formed, Heroes are being trained, and strong bonds are being made! Soon a war will start! Don't miss out on the action! It's free, and you can play on any web browser!Click here to start building your kingdom!
  • Clash of Heroes HD Info

    Thursday, July 8 2010
    Clash of Heroes HD Info

    Eager to know more about Clash of Heroes HD for Psn/Xbla?

    You can find a Q&A about Clash of Heroes HD on PSN and XBLA on the Might & Magic Facebook page. It answers lots of interesting questions about the game and its news features. Check it out!

    Also, you'll discover in the Clash of Heroes photo album 12 screenshots of the game including both adventure and battle maps!

  • Fantastic Awards for Clash of Heroes

    Thursday, December 17 2009
    Fantastic Awards for Clash of Heroes

    Another fantastic award has just come in for Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, this tiem from IGN! They were so impressed with the game that they awarded it their Best DS Strategic Game for 2009, saying:

    "Clash of Heroes blends incredibly addictive battle mechanics with an all-new world grounded in a visual design from the golden era of Super NES."

  • Great Previews and Reviews!

    Wednesday, December 2 2009
    Great Previews and Reviews!

    Recently there have been some excellent reviews for Clash of Heroes! Now that fans, gaming websites and journalists have all got to play it, we are very proud to see that the average rating of Clash of Heroes is very high: between 8 and 10 out of 10. Get ready to play it soon!







  • Welcome to the Clash of Heroes Site!

    Monday, August 3 2009
    Welcome to the Clash of Heroes Site!

    Welcome to the new Heroes of Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes website! Make sure to check back over time for new and exclusive content on the latest entry in the legendary series!